Development support for financial analysis component (quickbooks api integration)

Greetings all,

Need freelancer or team to assist with following:

1st phase:

  1. Pull data from quickbooks (transactions, reports, etc.). NOTE: Have started using zeroqode plug-in (, can use that or similar

  2. Store into defined local (or external) DB

  3. Calculate standard and proprietary finance ratios using defined variables and parameters based data in DB NOTE: define externally available API as possible

  4. Display calculations for analysis and comparisons

2nd phase:
AI/ML engine to analyze calculations with defined correlated variables to generate recommendations/forecasts (TBD)

  • I have started the 1st phase, however I need to tend to other project areas and could use some assistance to expedite phase completion for testing integration
  • Any insights are welcomed 2nd phase (AI/ML engine) architecture foundation. It is acknowledged that is an evolving process. For now, 1st phase development is priority
  • Any UI/UX expertise you may have is appreciated as usability simplification and retention is important

be great,

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Hi Mac,

Sounds like an exciting project, and something that is well within my expertise.
I would definitely be interested in this.

You can reach me on [email protected]

Best Wishes,

greetings Andrew,

Thanks for response. You have any experience integrating quickbooks api (zerocode plugin or other)? I need to show some QB functionality soon as possible.

Any insights are welcomed. Please inform when you discuss.

Available via skype: mttxfactor20 and [email protected]

be great,