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Dialogflow-ActionsOnGoogle-GoogleAssistant Plug-in Request

I was wondering if anyone else is building apps on DialogFlow for the API.AI Actions on Google? I would love to be able to connect webhooks to get the data from the agents built for Google Assistant.

Anyone able to build a plug-in for this?

Just have to say, absolutely LOVE the Unbelievable!

Cheers and Happy New Year.


Hi Brian,

Any luck with this?


Hi @mannixlab!
We have Google DialogFlow plugin at Zeroqode ( Check it out! May be it’s what you’re looking for :slight_smile:
Zeroqode Team

Hi there! Wondering if this plugin is being actively maintained. I was very excited to find it but just tried the demo and got the error below. Can you please advise? Seeing that you’ve not had many downloads so a bit nervous to commit without knowing that this plugin will be supported moving forward. Thank you! @levon

Hello @ts11

Thanks for reaching out! And yes, the plugin is maintained.

That was an error due to wrong workflow setup, on our end. We’ve made an update to the workflow and now the demo page should not throw this error.
Please give it a try again!
Thanks for understanding.

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Thank you so much for the quick response. This is a really stupendous addition to the Bubble arsenal. I’m surprised more people aren’t looking to build Dialogflow-based apps using Bubble as middleware. Seems like a match made in heaven.

This might be outside the scope of what you can speak to, but I’m curious whether you’re aware of anyone having used this plugin to build white-label Facebook messaging apps. I.e. building one industry-specific “agent” in Dialogflow and then using Bubble to handle the OAuth and route requests and messages to multiple connected Facebook pages.

Seems it would be possible, no?

Hi @ts11

To not mislead you regarding the scope of the plugin and it’s usage, I would recommend you to take a look at current Calls and Actions which can be used in Bubble:

So actually not sure about your specific use case, if it’s feasible atm.
Hope this helps.

Zeroqode Team

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Thank you!

How to connect whatup ?