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Did any one ever use Camtasia to edit videos?

Do you guys know how to convert the generated TREC file to AVI? I did not find any option in that program which can help me do that, but it can only help to convert to MP4. But I need a AVI file to play it on my Widows Media Plyaer. My Camtasia version is 9

I’ve used camtasia to record my tutorial videos, only to edit though. From my understanding of your question, you are going to need to export the video instead of just saving it.

You may be able to use free converters like VLC or MPEG Streamclip to convert MP4 to AVI if Camtasia doesn’t give you the option to export to AVI directly.

I would use it to edit my PS4 video gameplay. How to say that, I must admit it i really powerful in editing providing quite a lot editing options. But it is somehow difficult for a newbie when facing so many options and parameters. Another thing is its output CAMREC and CAMPRO, which cannot be directly played on Windows Media Player or VLC. You must firstly convert it to common formats. The weird thing is that I found an instruction article (, I did what it told me, but after I stream the output mp4 file ( which is from camtasia) to my Windows Media Player, the screen get black and a sign " unrecognized" emerged. Camtasia is an excellent, but still, many bugs need to repair.

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