Did Bubble Go AWOL at 1410 New York Time Today?

I have just been testing my app, and for about 10 minutes around 14:10 New York time today everything went crazy… searches returned incorrect results, values were missing from windows etc. It was very disconcerting.

Bubble HQ folk - was there a known problem for around 10 minutes at that time, at least on one of your servers?

I am having issues with the platform also. Whenever i open my app in the Bubble.is dashboard i get the following error

Sorry we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit.

Been in it all morning. No issues here in Texas.

Doesn’t appear that there was anything too out of the ordinary on https://status.bubble.is/

@antony for the incorrect results, (assuming that it was returning the correct data type), did you notice that it was displaying erroneous database entries based on a search or on a filter?

Thanks for the update @dan1.
I was doing searches of the whole database rather than filters on a list…
I’d be interested to know the significance of that.

My thinking if the issues were at a filter level - at least the total set of data is being sent. Though if the data was outside of the range of the base search, that would be very odd indeed. (May be hard to replicate now, but worth checking through the data sources in the debugger to see if constraints are being passed properly).

For others reading, a bit of added background. For a database search, the constraints of the search are at a server level.

For a filter, it’s serving up all of the data points that match the initial “Do a search for” criteria. Then the filter constraints that follow the “Do a search for” further segment the database.

When you apply a filter, it’s really just modifying the data that’s already been sent to the user.

Thanks for clarifying those details @dan1 and for your focus on my issue! :slight_smile: