DID THEY FIX IT? Group Focus

Since 2018 the group focus element could be shown via a workflow action of ‘show element’…if you put that workflow action onto a single trigger (ie: click a button) the only thing it would do was to show the group focus element. It would not hide it, if the group focus element was already visible.

Furthermore, if the user clicked off/outside of the group focus it would close automatically and still does.

If you wanted a functionality to show/hide a group focus element from a single button you needed to do a work around to have two triggers with a conditional to determine if the hide or the show action would run…then to really make the UX good, we needed to add a custom state to determine if the group focus element was visible or not because if the user clicked off/outside the group focus element the group focus would hide, but that meant if you didn’t do a custom state the button trigger wouldn’t run the first time you click to show again as it would recognize itself as being shown still and would hide even though it was already hidden.

NOW, I see that the functionality is as a logical thinker would expect, that we can now just put a single trigger on a button with a single action of show group focus and that is it…no more work arounds, no more two triggers!? I’m not sure if this was an intentional change or a bug, but I hope it is an intentional change that I might have missed an announcement about.

Thanks for the link. Must of been my most recent experience was in an app that was on a version pre the announcement.

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