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Difference between datasource criteria vs datasource filtering

I have a repeating section
withing the repeating section i give a data type = user
then i give it the data source = search for user (now within here i can filter, lets call this OPTION 1)
OR i can chose user and scroll down and click filtered (lets call this OPTION 2

The different is, in OPTION 2 i hae all the fields within the user data type, including geographical locations list
While in OPTION 1, i do not have that field showing up.

The other difference is, when i choose a filter on OPTION2, it doesnt seem to work, my data doesnt show up
But when i chose the filter on option 1, it works

So what is the difference between these two?

The search is more efficient as the selection is in the database, on the server, while the filtering is done on the page. So you have more options, but all the data needs to be loaded which can be quite slow.

The rule being: always always use searches when you can, and use filters when you really need it and cannot use a search.

Thanks @emmanuel

But the search does not show me all the options?

My user has a field of type Geographical locations list (many of them)

I want to do a search, and it does not show this field as an option within the search?

And the filter doesnt work at all (i see why not, because the data is most likely not loaded yet).

So how do i do this?
I want to search for users whose locations contains chicago.

Each User has many locations, and one of them could be Chicago, and if it is, i want to return that in my repeating element.

So it’s all connected correctly, if i turn off the filter, i see all the users comming there, but i don’t want them all, i only want a subset of them, i want to filter based on location = chicago
The only problem is the geolocation list field won’t show up in a search options ?

So the search options don’t show the field type
The fitlers doesn’t return any results.

What do i do?

As I said, if you need to use a filter, you can, but try not to.


Dear Sir,

But the filter does not return any results. So when i use the filter i get NOTHING back?

So i’m in a situation where the filter returns NO results and the field is not visible in the search options to

So i cannot display results of my search crtieria with the filter or with the search?

How do i achieve this?

Bubble is super visual. It helps to share screen shots of what you’re seeing. Or provide links to your app and/or editor.

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