Difference between storing data in custom state vs. data source

I usually store data in custom states.

Recently I was exploring storing data with the “type of content” and “data source”, instead of creating custom states.

e.g. instead of creating a custom state some_text = “abc”, I set the group as:
Type of content: text
Data source: “abc”

When I need to change the text, I have a workflow step “Display data in a group as” and set the data source to the new text.

I thought they should have the same behavior but it seems like they do not - I get weird behaviors which I don’t understand. So I end up using back custom states.

What are the differences between storing data with “data source” vs. custom states?

The only differences are that 1) Custom State values are static, and 2) their values need to be set via a workflow (with a few exceptions).

What was the weird behaviour you were experiencing?

When I use “Display data in a group as” and set a new value, it doesn’t work the same way as if I set a value in a custom state. e.g. sometimes the value remains unchanged.

Do you have a ‘live’ example of such behaviour?

(that definitely shouldn’t be happening, and I’ve never seen/heard of such a bug before)…

I see, let me try again later. I thought I misunderstood the use of “display data in a group as”

I already switched back to using custom states. Will update here if I manage to see the issue again.

Thank you for the help!

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