Difference in Created and Modified dates issue

Goal : "when a comment is edited/changed, - show the text ‘edited’.

I am also struggling with this one, however, it doesn’t work as it should.
The outcome this is supposed to give is, that whenever the field ( in this case; a comment ) is modified, it should show the text ‘edited’.

I have a record, which was created on 11/11/2022, 14:02, which I later made modifications to it, at 11/11/2022, 14:04.
Using this method doesn’t give me the outcome I want, which is the text ‘edited’ to show.

Any other insights?
It should compare the created and modified date up to the seconds. Cause the field can change within days of being created, but also within seconds of being created.

What exactly are you asking?..

How to add a condition on the page to display the ‘edited’ text?

Using this method doesn’t give me the outcome I want

What method? (you haven’t said what you’re doing?.. so it’s a bit hard to say what you’re doing wrong)…

You posted the same thing in a 2-year-old thread (a thread which includes a screenshot of a condition that does what you described), but to Adam’s point, you haven’t provided any information that enables anyone to help. Share a screenshot of what you have tried, and I’m sure someone will be able to help you figure out what’s going on.

Hello adamhholmes,
Yes, indeed … I need to configure a condition that shows/hides a text based on the fact that the created date of a record is not the same as the modified date of that same record.
And using the method: ‘>’ or ‘<’ doesn’t give me this outcome.

You’re obviously doing something wrong then, because that will work just perfectly if you do it right…

But again, without knowing what you’re doing, no one can help you much.

Feel free to post some screenshots showing what you’re currently doing if you want some mor specific help.

@michaelvrutaal I actually had the same issue and figured out the solution around it.

So in this case you will need to breakdown the dates into seconds and then compare the two within your Conditional settings.

For example…
(Parent group’s Thing’s Creation Date - Parent group’s Thing Modified Date): format as seconds <0.

Hope that helps.


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