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I use quite some toggles in my app, but showing the difference between ‘no’ and ‘empty’ is important in my app. Does someone know how to show the difference between a toggle which has the value ‘no’ and no value (empty) in the database?


set a conditional workflow to only trigger the toggle if the value is not empty

The problem is that the ioniq toggle doesn’t has the condition ‘value is emtpy’…

what is that?

Why can’t you use the bubble workflow event of toggle element?

This an element from the ioniq elements plugin from Bubble. This is a yes or no slider.

If you are struggling using a plugin, it may be that the plugin has a problem and you should reach out the the plugin developer.

For toggles, I create my own


These are pretty basic to create using conditionals on the group

And some simple workflows to set the conditionals

00%20PM 51%20PM

If what you are trying to do is set the condition on the database value you can do that easily by setting the conditionals to reference the data type and point toward the value of yes/no

In terms of wanting to show ( yes / no / empty ) I would instead use a text value and have those three as the possible values when creating the database entry and set conditionals to look at whether those values are present.

Maybe I can create my own reusable element of this… thanks for the tip!

be careful with using reusable element for this, as you need to set the state on the reusable element on the page as well…I actually just create a page in my app ( regular page ) and create all elements there, and then I just copy and paste onto the pages I use them on.

If you are going to use a reusable element you may want to look into the env variable plugin by BDK…it helps to pass data between the reusable element and the page without using custom states.

Thank you for that, I experienced the problem a few minutes ago. Creating a toggle as reusable element is not possible, also when I want to have auto-binding. I will have to fix this with something else…

Finally, my problem is that the conditions-tab doesn’t allow for the following condition:
‘value X is empty’ when value X is a yes or no. To start the value in the database is empty. Is this difficult to implement or has someone a workaround?
I have already 50 yes/no toggles in my app, it will be a huge work to all change them and their database element into texts and also change the values back to booleans when exporting.
Maybe you know what to do @eve ? :slight_smile:

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