Different Accounts and RepeatingGroup

Hello, everyone. People in my app register their account before accessing the main page, and in the main page there is a RepeatingGroup for characters they can add:

But, unfortunately when someone adds a character to the list, it shows for all of the registered accounts on my app, and i was wondering, how do i make the added characters show to that one specific person who made the character?

In the User table, add a field called “List of Characters”. The field should be a list of Characters.

When a user creates a character, it should be added to the current user’s “List of Characters”.

Then when displaying the list of characters on the main page, you should use the following expression:
“Current User’s List of Characters”

Make sense?

Sorry, didn’t get you on the “User table” part, what did you mean by that?
I’m not very experienced with Bubble, so sorry if some questions seem very obvious.

Go to Data, then Data Types. You’ll see you have a User database table.

Alright, to explain your solution as i understood it,

  1. In the User table, creating a new field called “List of Characters”, set the field type to “Characters” (the profiles created by the user which show up in the RepeatingGroup) and mark the checkbox "This field is a list (multiple entires).
  2. I’m guessing it will automatically add the characters to current user’s “List of Characters”, so i didn’t do anything there.
    If everything above was correct, then i have hopefully the last problem understanding how this works.
    Where do i enter the ‘expression’? I am kind of lost here, how to make this work.

I’m again sorry if i’m asking obvious questions, it’s just that as i stated, i’m not too experienced with these kind of things. Thanks for your help, awaiting your reply,

Chris S.

It won’t automatically add characters to the current user’s List of Characters. You have to do that yourself using workflows.

I would suggest running through some of Bubble’s tutorial material so you can better understand the basics of how the editor functions.

Hello @dbevan. Thanks for your help, i guess i understood how this works.
I did everything as you said, but the RG appears empty. It adds a character, but it leaves a blank spot.

its better to share a screen shot of your editor with the repeating group data source etc also any privacy settings

If there are specific screenshots of workflows or anything, then let me know.

It would be useful for everyone if you could share the repeating group data source but I surmise that this should look something like “current cell character name” and your repeating group source should be something along the lines of current users list of character names

Yes, i have set it to “Current Cell’s Characters CharacterName”, because that’s the only way it works, but the problem is, it shows for all accounts.

I probably did something wrong, that’s why it shows blank.


The repeating group’s data source should NOT be Search for Characters. It should be “current user’s List of Characters”.

If i set it to that, it wants me to add more sources

You probably didn’t make the List of Characters field a list.

List of Characters should be a List of Characters, not a List of Texts

Hey Daniel, thanks for your patience so far. I really am sorry to let these small mistakes take your time.
When i am making the field “List of Characters”, what should i put as field type? I put “Character” there to test it, it is probably wrong, but i am unable to change anything without an error or two.

If it isn’t a list of texts, then it gives me an error: “RepeatingGroup text: Data source should be List of texts but right now it is a Character”

Also, my apologies that it took 3 days to reply, i ran into personal issues and thus wasn’t able to get to my PC.

You select “Character” for the field type and you check the “list” checkbox. Then you should be able to update the repeating group’s data source.

Hey, i managed to sort it out, sources are working, but the RG still shows up empty.