Different results in a RG pointing to the same thing's records

Hi everyone,

I’m struggling with the query of some data as I got different results pointing to the same thing.
I made a screen video record as the issue it’s quite tricky to be explained with words and images:

I hope someone will guide me to the point I’m missing.

Summing up:

  • I’m trying to list the “conversations” related to the Parent group “Task”

I’ve two different results based of the way I retrieve the data, and I’d like to understand why this happens, as I’m pointing to the same kind of data.

Thank you for your time.

Have you tried to inspect both queries via inspector in debug mode?

P.S. Don’t know how’s your DB is structured but from my POV you don’t need “organisation” constraint in your second query WF cause you are referencing parent group’s Task (and as I understand this Task is already associated with some Organization).


thank you for yuor reply, unfortunately even removing “Organization” as restriction it doesn’t change.

My need is to use this expression:


avoid performing a new search on DB, but with this approach some records are not displayed and I don’t understand why.

So when you click on a task in Tasks RG - you have a WF action “display list” and the target group is Conversations RG.
Do you have any additional constraints in you Parent group's Task's Conversation... ?

No restrictions on Parent group Task’s Conversation

So now your expressions in both “display list” WFs (1 for clicking on a task, 1 for your switch query button) are the same? And the result (list of conversations) is still different?

Yes, it’s correct.

Two different results by querying the same thing.