Different type of data in a pop up in a repeating group


I am building a Christmas advent calendar. Behind each day my subscribers find either an image or a video.
I have built the calendar as a repeating group with pop ups for each day.
Now I can’t figure out how to get the pop up to show either image or video.
I have tried to make a group inside the pop up, but then it wont show the data. I have tried to put in both a video and image and then set the conditionals to hide one or the other - that worked, but the data that were hidden, still took up place.

I hope someone here can help!

Just make sure to check the ‘Collapse when hidden’ box on the hidden elements

Okay, thank you thank you thank you - I added a bit more, but now it works:

Pop up
Insert image

  • dynamic image - parent groups image / Layout - collapse when hidden conditional - parent group image is not empty - property - this element is visible
    Insert video
    Same here

Such a frustrating ride, but finally done.
Thank you again.

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