Different user journey depending on whether a person has registered or not

Hi all, I’m wondering if someone can explain the correct approach in regard of user journeys.

I have an app which will allows a user to set up a team and be the owner of that team, which they can then add other people to.

In order to create the team, I must ensure a user has registered first. If they’ve registered already, then I can send them straight through to the “create a team” page. That part is relatively simple for me to do using conditionals.

However, if the user hasn’t registered a personal account, I want them to register first, and then be taken to the “create team” page.

I already have a flow which registers a user and then takes them to their dashboard, but what I’m wondering is can I reuse this register page and give the user a different flow if they’ve chosen to set up a team. ie. take them to the "create a team"page instead of the dashboard. Or do I have to have two identical pages (register) that sends a person on their specific journey?

Hopefully that makes sense! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, @frazer.findlater… if I followed your description correctly, you can almost certainly reuse the register page and send the user down a different path based on one set of criteria or another. You would likely use a URL parameter(s) or a custom state(s) to know which way to take the user, but it’s hard to say how you might use one or the other without knowing more about your app.

Hope this helps.


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Amazing @mikeloc - a URL parameter sounds like the thing I’m after. That should be enough for me to look in to and solve this, Thanks!

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