Different user login in

Hey guys!

I’m trying to create 2 different user accounts that will show different things in the website.

The 2 accounts are of a student and a teacher:

How do I go about setting any rules that when a student logins in, he/she only sees the student enrollment page


if a teacher logins in, he/she only sees the teacher enrollment page

Pls assist me with this!

I think I had to do something similar on my current app except I had to do it for board members and customer.

I’m not sure how you have set up your data tables (types) but both teachers and students need to be in the User table. Apparently, it’s the only way both teachers and students can have login capability. Add s column named Teacher with type yes/no. If the User is a teacher, then Teacher = “yes”. If the User is a student, Teacher = “no”.

And then when you set up the workflow, I imagine you would probably have 2 “Go to page” actions. Set “Only When” for both. 1 for Teachers. 1 for Students.

That’s what I had to do even though I want board members and customers on separate tables.

I hope this helps…?

Just direct users do the different pages after login, based on whether they are a teacher or a student.

could you include screenshots pls

Well here’s a simplified version of what mind look like in the database:

Board indicates whether someone is a board member of my organization. If Board = yes, then s/he is member on the board. If Board = no, then s/he is a customer.

Then in my workflow, I have this for customers:

And this for board members:

This has worked for me so far. See if something like this would work for you.

To everyone else, if you see something wrong with what I did, please let me know. Thank you.