Differentiating self-made "fake profiles" from real profiles

Hi guys

What are ways you have used or know of to differentiate between fake profiles and real profiles. I’m talking about it in the sense that I plan to create 5-10 fake profiles on my app to test things out, but as real sign ups continue, I’m not sure how to differentiate.

Thanks, appreciate any feedback

Multiple different ways to go about it. You could either use the same email/name/whatever for the fake profiles to filter them out.

I usually create a field for that kind of stuff. e.g. “tester” Y/N and flip it to Yes if it’s a tester profile.


@casheets123 Thanks a lot!

You can also create roles for your users : admin, standard, tester/fake, … And then play with the Current User’s Role in your app, to display / hide users and users data within your app.

As a result you will use only one data field “Role” to manage all types of users, that may avoid to manage several yes/no data fields.

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