Difficulty Updating Repeating Groups Without Full Page Refresh


I’m encountering an issue where my repeating groups aren’t updating unless I refresh the entire page. I suspect this problem arises from my use of an external database instead of Bubble’s own.

I’ve been using option sets to send page parameters to tabs on my page. How can I make use of this to refresh the content within the tabs without having to refresh the entire page and return to the starting point?

Alternatively, in the event of a page refresh, how can I be directed back to the original tab I was on?

Any guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Bubble cache the response from the API hence no auto refresh. On page load Bubble fetches/ initiate the call to your external API hence an update to your Repeating Group.

I have seen this discussion in the past about how to go about this.

You can add to your header a “refresh” key. This can be updated every 5 sec by running a do every × minutes event. You can then iterate the refresh key in your header.

You should do this without hitting a rate-limit from the provider.

Other solutions exists including webhooks if the API provide an on-change event which you can subscribe to etc. Since you haven’t shared your external provider I can’t delve deeper into this.

I just ran into this. It’s a little complicated, but if you follow this video throughout it will get it done for you. At first I didn’t understand the video myself but after watching it a few times it came to. It boils down to bubble needing to be able to see new data in the API header in order for it to recognize that it needs to make a new call.

Good luck!

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Thanks. I will watch the video!

@koechamos51 I understand. My problem is just that when the page refreshes I´m not staying on the active tab but get redirected to the root of the page.

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