Digital Assets 1.0 (Reusable elements KIT)

Digital Assets contains reusable elements for your next Bubble project. These elements will save you time trying to come up with responsive design elements.

What is included in version 1.0:

  • 9 reusable elements

  • 50+ social share buttons

  • 32+ icon images

Our main goal for this asset project is to speed up your design project in Bubble. We will be adding much more soon!

I would love to get feedback and hear what elements you want to see in this KIT!


Reserved for update log.

13/12/18: Added 16 icons to the Icon Library.
15/12/18: Added 10 social buttons
16/12/18: Added more menu categories to keep things organized.

4/2/19: Added two registration form designs.
10/2/19: Added simple navbar design