Direct javascript integration (tracking-code) on productive (live) system

Hi everyone. I am currently facing a challenge, where I am sure one or another here has been dealing with as well (successfully hopefully - as I hope to benefit your knowledge in here :slight_smile: ).
I am trying to integrate a tracking header on my bubble page, in order to capture user interactions on my web site for UX optimization (as I need to find out, why I have a lot of visitors to my page, but none actually hits the “buy” button). For this I am planning to utilize “Crazy Egg” or “Hotjar”.
The only problem is: As I am running a marketplace app, my different offering pages are generic, and are being generated (including own URL) by the users on their profiles, and published within the live system automatically. This on the other side means: The pages, where I would like to integrate the tracking header - which is necessary to capture all interaction on the offering pages - do not exist on the test system of my page.
Therefore my question: Do you know, if there is any opportunity, to implement such javascript header code directly on the live system (which is usually read-only), rather than having to install it on the test system first and then deploy it (which in this case would be impossible)?

Thank you and kind regards,

Hey Christoph,

I am not sure if I have understood your question correctly, but looks like your script is not being triggered on dynamic URL’s that don’t exist in your test system.

Did you try installing the Tracking script in the Settings -> SEO/Metadata -> Script/Meta Tag in Header section. Don’t apply the script at a page level, instead do it for your whole app. This way the script will be loaded on all URL’s.

Hopefully that helps.

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Hi Paritosh,

actually this helps a lot, as I think this will solve the issue! Thanks a lot for this!!!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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