Directory - filtering search results by multiple options / data types

Hi there,

I’m close (I think) but I just can’t crack the last bit of filtering of a directory’s search results.
I have a list of medical practitioners, and I’d like to search by

• Their name :white_check_mark: (achieved with text input ‘contains keywords’)

• Their medical group :white_check_mark: (achieved with search box for Groups)

• Their medical practice :thinking: (half achieved - at the moment I have this as a search box for Practices, but I would prefer it to be a text input ‘contains keywords’ - however, the practitioner can have more than one practice, so we’re searching a list, not a single item

• Any of their practice’s radius from an address :x: (As the RG is a list of users, not practices, i’m struggling to filter it by those whose practices are within the input radius)

I’m happy to pay for someone’s expertise to get me passed this stumbling block.



Hi @emma1, can you show us some screen shot?

Just a quick update - I’ve got round it currently by having 2 repeating groups ; 1 for users and 1 for practices (and displaying a list of those practice’s users).
I’m not sure what I’d take a screenshot of, sorry @pattokane

Ideally if you show a screenshot of your workflow or the way you’re having the data being searching that can help us determine where you need the help. If you need more real-time help, you can always join our Discord.

Hi Emma. UK-based (York) if I can help at all - please see my profile if so.

You might want to explore using custom states to store your resulting Practice list (to replace the 2nd RG that you’ve used, which I assume you don’t really need).

In terms of your filter, I’m assuming you only want to return practitioners whose practice list contains one or more (as opposed to the complete list) of the returned practices? If so, you can do that using filter > advanced filter > with the condition this practitioner’s practices intersects with my returned list COUNT is greater than 0.

Has the potential to seem quite confusing, but hope it helps!