Disable App Delete Button?


I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time building an app and the fact that an entire app can be deleted within say 10-30 seconds upon log in of my account scares me a little…
No one other than me has access to my account but its still uncomfortable to think about

Just want to know if theres any way to disable that button or at least enable a 2 factor authentication against it?

I know theres a 2FA option within the app but I’m not on that paid plan that enables it yet & I don’t know if that affects the delete button.

Maybe its in the Docs somewhere but i just haven’t seen it yet.

Anyone know about this?


It will be nice to have a 15 days grace period before any real suppression (or whatever amount of time).

Cmon this has to bother some people… can we get some love on this thread!! :pray:

Thoughts anyone?
Maybe 2F Authentification…

I mean WORST case scenario a person with negative intent could delete someones entire SaaS buisness…

Maybe just keep a backup of your app as a separate app, and update it after every big update. The reason I think that not a lot of people are worried about this, is that you do have to type the app name, so unless you aren’t worried about security, this shouldn’t really be a huge problem.

There is a way to back up your data. I try to make copies of the app and also download them as JSON by exporting my application. That should help you out. Then you have a physical backup you can store on your computer. :slight_smile: Hope this is helpful!

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I feel like this is the best approach. Shopify among various other companies do this as well.

The site should be taken down… but there should be some grace period where you can recover it if you change your mind (or if someone hacked into your account).

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@Vin Support can restore your app even if deleted but please backup like @J805 said.


What does the .json save? Elements and settings?

Really it should save a copy of your app that you can import back, maybe @neerja knows more about what exactly it saves for you.

@dev2 And much more:

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This is new right? I remember reading frm Josh or Emmanuel some time ago that if you deleted it was gone for good.

@JonL Not new but quite a manual process

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