Disable backend workflows

You can disable workflows on pages, but not in the backend.

Reference thread for a partial solution where we discuss how to disable them. However… there is no way of knowing visually which ones were disabled. It is not very useful to me, but maybe it will help someone else. It was good to have an option in case I run into another issue with triggers disrupting my application but I want to save the logic to adjust it later.

Disable Workflow - Feature In Action

Backend Workflows - Add Disable workflow button


This is how I do it:


That is much easier to see. However in my particular case, I already had a conditional in the workflow I wanted to disable, so it was the 2nd part of the statement I appended to disable it with an and statement. It just wasn’t easy to spot. Could try color coding but I am using them for other reasons to group workflows, as that is also difficult at scale. I have a feeling that whole section of the site will see improvement soon. Fairly often that page renders unusable output and I have to refresh (Chrome).

At some point why leave the backend working asymmetrically from the front end…

Also, imagine if each app has a few workflows hanging out that slow things down or may not be needed. Disabling them could help people figure out which ones aren’t needed. The result of this could yield an incremental performance boost for the entire Bubble ecosystem…

I need this all the time too

I do a similar thing: Arbitrary Text = Disabled
leave the arbitrary text empty