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Disable input on past events


I have a list of events that shows up on a user dashboard. The user can then click an event to go edit it. However, I would like to disable any changes at all if the event has passed. What is the easiest way to lock out all the inputs for a thing?

Is there a way to do this with a group?

Add conditions to the inputs (making them disabled) and any modification workflows that reference them so they don’t modify the event.

OK, I guess I was hoping I could disable a whole group. But II have to go to each input and disable them if the event passed? Yes?

Presumably you’re using a workflow to take the user to the place where they can edit the event.

Put an “only when” condition on the workflow based on the date of the event related to the current date. Something like "only when current date < event date. Clicking on the “edit event” button after the event passed won’t do anything.

If you want to provide visual indications that clicking on the “edit event” button won’t do anything, then it’s best to just remove that button entirely. Go to the conditions tab in that button’s properties, add a condition using the same date logic, and set the visible to unchecked. Or you could set it to disabled if you want to leave the button on the page.

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