Disable input until repreating group has fully rendered on page

I have a repeating group that contains say 100 records. Each line item in the repeating group contains an input field with initial content set to the value stored in the database. The input field is auto bound such that when the user makes a change, that change is automatically updated in the database.

The problem I’m having is that it takes a while to render all 100 records. It appears that making a change to any one line item won’t necessarily work until all 100 records are rendered. Is there a way to prevent the user from making a change until all records in the repeating group have loaded?

A lot of different ways to go about fixing the issue…one may be to use pagination, so that there are less items in the RG at once, and therefore may load faster.

But to the idea of not showing an input until the RG is loaded, there is a dynamic expression when referencing an RG in that expression for RG is loading is yes/is no…play with that as a dynamic expression on the input to either make the input visible or make the input disabled (disabled means it is seen but not usable, is visible means you can see it)