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Im working on a appointment planning app, but I’ve run in to a problem. Hopefully, someone can help me out.

I created a form for entering customer details (for an appointment), you can search through the search bar to a existing customer or enter the details in the form if you want to create a new customer. When you search through the search bar and you click on a customer from the list, his details are loaded in to the form.

When the form gets loaded, Bubble is filling the form in with all the users in the database for some reason. But, I would like to load user details after someone have chosen an user from the search results (or decides to enter the empty form for a new user).

Is there someone who can help me out fixing this problem? I don’t want to let Bubble fill the form in until I’ve chosen an user from the search results. Thanks!


How it needs to be:

Bubble editor:

Sounds like it’ll be an easy fix. I suspect you simply need to find the action or condition that’s loading the data to the form and set a condition for it to run only once a user is typed into the search field.

Make sense?

If you’ve having trouble finding that, it’d help if you could post screenshots of your actions and conditions.

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Thanks mate!

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