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Disable selection change on right click event

When using the editor, I am finding it nearly impossible to select the items properly at times.

Using CMD (Mac) you can select the parent of an object. If the command you want to enable is in the right click menu, when you right click your selection, it selects the child object before opening the menu. Since you can’t right click the object in the element tree, I find often that I can’t simply even select the object I want to work on in bubble.

My suggestion is to disable the selection & just allow you to open the right click menu.
Or… if you are still holding the CMD key ( which you used to select the parent item ) you right click and it acts on the selection properly.

I feel taking a closer look at the elements tree and the selection process would greatly benefit users who are designing more sophisticated apps on this platform.

Edit: Allowing Grouping options in the elements tree would really sort this out. Also allowing a ‘nest inside parent’ move up / down one level in the nesting would be massively helpful at times.