Disabling ALL buttons inside a RG


I’ve got the following user case:

I have a RG that consists in items that can be upvoted. The user has a limit of votes that he can use.

Whenever the user votes I would like to disable the rest of vote buttons inside the RG to make sure the workflow finishes before he can vote again.

I’ve tried using custom states but it only affects the button clicked. It will disable the button clicked, but not the rest. So a user can quickly upvote 10 items even if he has a limit of 2 votes.

Any help appreciated.

I will respond to myself. The error was using in the button conditional a state linked to the button itself.

Solution is to create a state for the RG and change the conditional of the button based on the RG state and not the Button state.

How you do it?
If you set a state on the RG or somewhere else (not the button) then you can add Set state action to the button (eg. mygroup’s clicked = yes). Then condition on the button will be based on this state and will work for all buttons in that group.

Edit. ok, you found it. we were writing at the same time apparently :smiley:


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