Disappearing RG data

I have a simple RG that displays text ‘posted’ by a user. The text appears for a second and then disappears. I have no weird workflows or constraints etc, just a simple “post text to DB, display text from DB here” and it is acting weird.

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Hi there, @Vishera… it will be difficult for anyone to help without being able to see your setup. However, on many an occasion when something weird was happening in one of my apps, the culprit was privacy rules. So, without more to go on, checking your privacy rules is the main suggestion that comes to mind. Oh, I would also check to make sure you don’t have any conditionals on elements that are conflicting with each other and causing something to appear and then disappear.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Vishera. Did you try the debug mode and use ‘inspect’ option to check the datasource of the rg? If the datasource is not empty and there is no privacy issue, try checking the property of the text element and all the groups in the rg using the ‘inspect’ mode.

I found out what it was, just a data source was wrong.

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