Disappointed how slow Bubble is - please help

We built this app in Bubble: https://tacotuesdaytogo.com/

We followed best practices, but it runs so slow. The app is unusable. True disappointment because I own an app development agency, and wanted to use Bubble to develop apps for my clients. Someone suggested that quit using Bubble because of how slow it is and lack of support, and try using Glide.

Please help.

I just open up your Site on my iPhone 11 using LTE Internet with only two bars. It opened fine and ran very quickly for me. What slowdowns are you experiencing or where at in the app?


Yeah it seems to load pretty quick for me on my laptop, and it scores reasonably well in GT metrix.

That being said there’s definitely something that seems to be preventing the page from scrolling properly and the links from working. It could be to do with the maps, or the popups that appear?

The actual page load speed seems fine but there’s something going on after that makes it appear rather sluggish once it’s loaded.


Try clicking around and using the app. It loads fast, but the actual controls / links take a while to load. Bubble support said “If it takes more than 45-seconds to load, we’ll look into it”

On my computer, everything loads and works pretty fast (near instant). That said, I did see that the RG at the bottom takes time to load (while it is visible, initially, it is not selectable and only after a few seconds does the cursor change from arrow to hand). So I think the culprit is the RG at the bottom. How many recipes do you have in the DB? And how many are you loading with the page? How complex is the data structure for the recipe table in the DB (how many fields does it have)? And this may be important: what is the size/resolution of the images? I suggest using the built-in :imagix processing to reduce image sizes (for example, no need to show high-res images in the initial RG at the bottom).

It will be difficult to diagnose without taking a look at the editor (you can share a read-only link, and DM if you prefer). My site does not have such a lag, and does have a lot of user-generated content. So I think it must a fixable problem.

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Following up on my previous comment, I tried this page https://tacotuesdaytogo.com/recipe_list
(which does not have a map) and again see a similar lag with the RG. So that does seem to be the issue. Either the way the RG is loaded, or the structure of the Thing that is loaded in the RG.


I think the main issue is the data loaded on the map. The page load quicklie but it’s freeze for around 3 seconds before you are able to scroll. I don’t think the issue is RG. What I see in network load and process seem more related to Google maps API.
You can try to hide the RG element on page load and after do the same with maps and check which one seem to prevent navigating ine the page. But for the rest, everything look good to me!

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This link does not have the map, but still has the delay

I don’t have delay on this page. I can scroll right away and the RG take less than a sec to load

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The page and RG display fast, but the RG is not clickable for a few seconds (if you hover the mouse over the RG, it is initially an arrow [not clickable] and then after few seconds turns into hand [clickable]).

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Needed to refresh a couple of time. But it happen one time on 10 attempt. I agree that something may freeze the page. Not always however.
And it seem more that when you click fast, no problem, but freeze for a moment after.

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On this page, there is some svg file being downloaded (about 12 MB).


This seems to be causing some lag in my opinion. I couldn’t find the image being used on the page anywhere though . If you clean that up, I think it should improve performance.


To get a solution from the forum, you’d need to explain/show your database setup and what’s happening on the page in terms of workflows or data being called.

From reading posts it seems slowness is usually caused by one or more of the below:

  1. Data things being huge because they contain lists or improperly loaded images
  2. A page calling much more data than it needs
  3. Something happening with workflows that are either inefficient or could be moved to the back end
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