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Display a data in group list

Hi there

I’m trying to display the data in a list group, I link the data to the source, but nothing happens

What is the mistakes here


What do you mean nothing happens?

What are you expecting to happen?

Can’t really help without knowing what you’re trying to do, what you’re currently doing, and what’s going wrong etc.

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Hi there, @arumizan… if you are trying to display data in the group for the one restaurant in your data type (which is what it looks like you are trying to do based on the data source), you have to add elements into the group that reference the parent group’s restaurant. Just adding a group element and giving it a data source won’t display anything.

The above being said, @adamhholmes is right… it would definitely help to know a lot more about what you are trying to do in order to truly help you.


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Im trying to display a data it will be like the restaurants with photo and name in list

In that case, as @mikeloc pointed out, you’ll need to add elements (such as text, images etc,) to your group in order to display whatever data it is you want to display.

Setting the group’s datasource to be a specific Restaurant (as you have done) means that all the data from that restaurant’s database entry will be loaded into the group.

But in order to display it you have to add visual elements, and specify the specific fields from the database entry you want to display in those elements.

To do that you can simply refer to the Parent Group’s Restaurant in your elements.

For example, if you want to display the Restaurant’s name, add a text element inside your Group Restaurants group, and in the properties editor click the ‘Insert Dynamic Content’ button, and select Parent Group’s Restaurant’s Name.

If you want to display the Restaurant’s photo (for example), add an image element, and set the content to Parent Group’s Restaurant’s Photo.


Appreciate your help thank you

Thank you @mikeloc

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