Display a different text every 24 hours

I have a database called Interview Tips that contains the text fields Tip and Description. I am displaying the tip and description of the tip in a Group Tips. I currently have it set to where when the page reloads, the tip will change everytime. I currently have 10 different tips in that database.

My data source that I set for that group is

Search for Interview Tips:random item

and I displayed the data in two separate text boxes in the Group Tips, for the tip and description

However, I want the tip to change every 24 hours. I want it to display a random tip of the day instead of every time the page loads. Is it possible? I’m thinking it has something to do with API calls? :thinking:

If the tip of the day has to be a global value (common for all users), you’re better off setting it on the database.

You could have a data type for your app’s global values containing a field for the tipOfTheDay (with just one entry) and then set the data source as do a search for globalVals: first item's tipOfTheDay

Then set up a recurring WF that runs once a day at a time you specify and changes this value to a random value

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Thanks for the reply!

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