Display a list of elements as a separated-by-commas text

Hi dear people! I want to allow users to add countries to their profile in a form. Those countries (already stored in a database of countries with country names) should be added to a field Countries (which is a list of countries) inside a User (until here, everything goes good). Then, I need to copy all those countries to the field Countries of a different thing (not a user), but I don’t know a way to copy/move all those countries entered by the user as a list of countries to a new list of countries in a different object (as I say, this time is not in a User, but in a different Thing).

The problem is that I have to “pick only one element”, and that constraint is not allowing me to copy the whole list of countries between different objects (User and Thing). I miss some kind of FOR loop (for each element in the array of User_Countries, copy it and past it in the array of Thin_Countries).

EDIT: I’ve found a way to do it, just using “copy a list of things” to copy the whole array from the User, and then using “make changes to a list of things” in the new Thing. My question now is: how can I display the whole list of countries in a text box as a string of countries separated by commas? Something like “Country 1, Country 2…”. Thanks! :smiley:

You should be able to use “Do a search for country’s Country Name” (or whatever you called the name in your database) and it’ll work as you outlined. I think :slight_smile:

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Oh my god, @andrewgassen, I’ve just realised I didn’t answer you… Thanks for your help, actually it works. Thanks a lot!

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