Display a list of things in popup


I’m trying to display a checklist of items, that can either pass or fail, and I cannot seem to get the list to appear in my popup.
Here’s a video showing my problem…Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Your list may be empty

If you are listing objects (data types) check their privacy rules

I removed any privacy rules to see if that was blocking anything…but still the list is not appearing.

The list is should not be empty, as it pulls a list of inspection items from an option set

this is the option set


I think @cmarchan means that the Popup’s Inspection’s list of Inspection Items may be empty (or its privacy settings may not allow access), not that the option set isn’t there.

Your datasource for your RG is the popup’s Inspection’s list of Inspection Items - so check that the list of Inspection Items is there on the Inspection datatypes in the DB.

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Yes it is…I got this figured out though! Thank you for your clarification


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