Display a repeating group based on the value of all related records

Hi everyone,

Wondering if it’s possible to do a repeating group like this.

I have 2 data types, “Opportunity” and “Payments.” Each Opportunity can have multiple Payments related to it.

Each Payment has a field called “Payment Status” which can be “Awaiting Payment”, “Partially Paid”, “Fully Paid” and so on.

Is it possible to display a list of Opportunities in a repeating group, but only where ALL of the related Payments are in status “Fully Paid”?

So for example if I have an Opportunity that has 3 payments under it, and 2 of the payments are “Fully Paid” and 1 of them is “Partially Paid” that would NOT show up, but if all 3 of the payments were “Fully Paid” then it would?

Option A) Use Advanced Filter
Option B) Add a field in Payment that is of type “thing” and is set to “Opportunity”. When you create the payment and add it to Opportunity, Also add the Opportunity to Payments.
in RG, Use Search for Payments where Status is Paid and select RG Type: Opportynity, Data source: Payments’s opportunity

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