Display a social media feed with posts from following and yourself

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got a feeling the answer to this will be really simple, but I just cannot work it out.

I’ve set up a social feed in my app which shows the current user’s following posts. This is working fine. The issue is I can’t work out how to include the current user’s posts in this feed as well. I’d like the feed to display posts from the Current User’s Following AND the Current User.

Does anyone know if this can be done?


Hi there, @nickhutton13… if I understand your question correctly, you should be able to use the merged with option to produce the desired result. So, after the search you already have in place that shows the current user’s following posts, select the merged with option and add a search for posts that were created by the current user. Does that make sense?

Hope this helps.


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Hey @mikeloc, that was spot on, thanks.

I was trying to use the merged with functionality within the same Do A Search For settings, which wasn’t working. But going back and merging two Do A Search Fors worked.


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