Display All Images in a Specified Directory?

Hi, I’m working on an app that displays time-lapse photos from remote cameras, and I would like users to see all photos in a specified directory.

Due to hardware limitations, the cameras only upload images to an FTP server or email the photos. Using an FTP server, I’ve figured out how to display the last image uploaded to a folder using a dynamic URL.

I’m having a tough time figuring out how to show users all of the photos in the directory. The Slick slideshow plugin looks like a possible option, where the slideshow pulls a list of image URL’s and then sorts the list by “Created Date” or “Modified Date”. However, I don’t know how to automatically update the list of photo URL’s.

Any advice on plugins or databases that would enable me to display all (or a list of) images in a directory? I’m ok with moving the files from the FTP server to another database.