Display all messages sent between users

Hi all,

I hope this topic has not been created before. But I’ve search for hours without finding a solution.

I created an inbox to allow my users to send messages to each other. When User A send a message to User B, it works perfectly but when User B reply to User A or vice-versa. User A can only see the last message sent by User B. The problem is: I want User A and User B to see the previous messages sent.

So when User A click in the new message (a reply) sent by User B, User A can also scroll down to see his first message he had send to User B.

Does it make sens?

Thanks for your help.

Have you considered placing a repeating group? Also, have you done all of bubble’s lessons? They cover that.

@vini_brito Thanks for your help. I mean, in the new message sent, the user can scroll down to see all the previous message sent by the sender (all in one) message like in Outlook.

You can achieve that having the first message as a group if you want to format it differently and then placing the previous messages right below that group in a repeating group showing all items using the option “full list”.

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