Display api data of a selected cell in a repeating group on a different page

I have written a simple app with the following features:

  1. A plugin using the API Connector that retrieves a list of users and their details (id, name, email, address etc)
  2. A Repeating Group that displays the name of each of the users.
  3. The ability to select a user (in a cell) and display additional user details in another Group on the same page (Index)

This works fine.

What I want to do is display additional details on a different page by sending the user data in the selected cell to a different page and displaying it there.

I cannot get this to work. and get the following error

(btw - I do not have the User Details in the database. i.e. there is no User Details data type as the data is coming dynamically from an external api)

Here is my sample app. I am new to Bubble and any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I do apologize for my first post being a “how do I” and in case anyone else in the future has this issue I will describe my current work around.

So far as I can tell the API sourced data in a repeating group is not sent to a new page the same way that you can send it to an element on the same page (or at least I could not get it to work). One work around is to use hidden groups on the same page - i.e. use workflow to hide and unhide elements. This seems to be the way “single page apps” are being made. The single page approach works great for this issue but note that I could not find a way with a single page to refresh a group with API data in it without refreshing the entire page - just fyi and hope this helps someone.

Some options to think about …

Sending to another page, you could either save the data in a database field, or url encode the individual pieces of data and send that to the page, or just send enough info to call the API again on the next page.

Refreshing the API data on the same page requires something about the API call to be different to defeat Bubble’s cache: url, header, or body.


Thank you mishav. I’ll definitely take a look at this when I get past the mvp stage. Refreshing the api data on the same page would make a single page app more viable and might be a cleaner port to wrapped Android and IOS apps.

fwiw - I’ve found this environment very powerful, particularly on the api side, but it sure is quirky, and the documentation is very light on examples, so I now get why there is such a flourishing 3rd party training and dev ecosystem with endless “how do I’s” in the forum.