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Hi everyone.

We are building a platform with bubble and after almost 4 months we are finding it very hard to implement a customizable calendar.

Basically, the application we have already is built with python and django and there we build a customizable calendar due to the freedom we have with programming:


However, trying to translate the similar application to bubble we are finding it very hard to develop as we need.

The features we are trying to develop are: display the available days and remove the the days that arent the current day or in the past as well as implement blocked days.

We used some paid pluggins and tried air date picker but none of them helped due to the lack of experience with bubble and granularity of paid pluggins[.

Any advise would help a lot. There might have some path that I did not walked yet.


The combination of these two Editor pages should be able to help you out:

A calendar that does the Available/Not Available, uses TopCal plugin

A calendar using just JS (in case you don’t want to use the plugin)

This plugging looks great and we tried to use it and we could not manage to make it work.

The simplest way you can learn how to use the plugin is from this demonstration page and videos:

And when/if you hit any specific issues there is a lot of Q & A that can be searched through in this thread that answers about 95% of the issues I have seen people encounter when setting things up. Or you can ask a new specific question in there as well.


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