Display corresponding data from image

I have Images (restaurant logos), to display to users using random sorting. When the user chooses the image (logo) how do I get the image to correspond to its “name” data field? i.e. if Waba Grill logo is chosen it needs to correspond to the data field name “Waba Grill”.

The end goal here is to send that “name” data to open in google map search.

Looks like it should work the way you set it up… Just your link should have “?q=” before parent group rest name.

parentgroup's - Google Search restaurant name. You need to replace all spaces with “+” and you can do that by adding it to your expression.

still says “unsupported link” when google maps opens. I don’t think the name data is being sent to the map because I’m not displaying the data correctly. I guess that the part thats confusing me.


var baseUrl = ‘Google
var query = ‘CurrentCellName
var completeUrl = baseUrl + encodeURIComponent(query)

@danielowega good call, barnes & noble.

@jphomm can you share an editor link if it’s still not working?

Thanks guys, that helped a bit… but cant get the value to change, its always Applebees.

@duke.severn PM sent if you want to take a look, thanks.

What do you mean thanks guys that helped a bit. My solution is absolute. You can’t use find and replace for this :joy: Duke is wrong. Don’t you understand that there are many characters not allowed in a url? It must be encoded with javascript.

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Yea, I used your solution it worked, I just meant thanks in general.