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Display data from different data types?

Hei guys need some help cause I m trying this since 1 day but I really cannot solve it.

I ve created two different data types:

User: name + surname…
Answers: answer 1 + answer 2 + User …
Is it possible to show and retrive the answers 1 and answer 2 by matching the User type?
I want to show in a single raw these info:
a) Name and surname → coming from the User Type
b) Answer 1 → coming from the Answer Type
c) Answer 2 → coming from the Answer Type

My database is created as follow:

Could you please guide me in doing it?
Thank you so much <3

Yes you can show data (answers based on the users) who created this (created by current user) or user = current user.

You would want to create. a field as “answers” in the User data type as you have one as “User” in answers data type.

Note: Do not forget to create Privacy Rules if there is none. “Only the creator will see the data created by them”

So I think that the problem is in this topic. Cause I followed your steps but unfortunatelly I m not able to do it still