Display data on single popup from two different type of contents

How to display data in single popup from two different tables by giving two type of contents?

Try using set states, probably the easiest way to do that.

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I am passing the type of content from custom state as that table but I am not understanding how should I write condition inside popup to display that data.

Can you show a screenshot of what you have so far maybe?

How do you want to display the jobs data? Using repeating groups or something else?

When ever you want to use data in the job state you can start by selecting the pop up which you have titles “Bids” then it will show you the “job State” and then you can access that data object

Make sure to set the State when triggering that pop up and if your going to be showing multiple job records then make sure you have the “list” checkbox marked next to the name of the State in the popup

In the same popup I want to show only the questions coming from jobs table. Rest of the content is coming from bids table and input elements will be empty.

The workflow which is opening that Pop for you, add another action Elements > Set State and then chose that Popup (Bids) and in the State dropdown chose the “job” state and in the Value field “Do search for” and find that job and narrow it down to the questions. Are the questions in a list?

No the questions aren’t in the list.

The questions are stored when the job is created which is another popup. It is not a list. I did “do search for” as value to custom state but it won’t work since questions are not in list.