Display data to another page

hello there, i need help to my problem here,
and some advice, I’m new on bubble :slight_smile: ,

so, I have a page like this (lets say page A), and when the picture is clicked it will go to another page and display a picture with the detail

like this design (page B):

every picture in (page A) have different sub picture to display in (page B)
i try with “go to page” and send few parameter, its work but sub pcture not showing,

how to have a right step, and am I make a mistake with data base?
and is it possible to display sub pcture with repeatng group?

Could you share your data structure?


to be honest i not sure my data structure is right

should i make a new data type for every pcture and contain sub picture?

if you confused with my data, maybe you can tell me the step to send picture like my problem above? sorry before, i really dont know what to do

If I understood you correctly:

  • On click event on your main picture (on page A), you need to add “go to page” event and put the whole object Project Content data.
  • Then on your page B, make a repeating group and put the “Current Page Project Content” in “Data source” and set the “Type of content” as Project Content (also you can do it with “Type of content” as Image and to put the Current Page Project Content → sub gambar in “Data source”)
  • Then in your repeating group, put the image element and fill with the data from the cell

sorry @mateusz_krysztopowic i just try it but it doesn’t show anything to RG

maybe if you can tell me step how to make that page A to page B with your version, i will change my data structure to adjust your step,
sorry for confusing u, because i doubt my step to, :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Have you checked out any of the documentation or video tutorials? Here’s a video describing how to send data to another page.



after see a video you share and apply from @mateusz_krysztopowic step, its work.
very big thank’s to you all,
just in my sub description won’t split for each sub picture like art description for art picture, and class description for class picture.
i will try to fix it again.


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