Display days according to date and create an element

Hi there,

I want to create a habit tracker. For that I created a mask to do a post with buttons to choose:

  • today
  • yesterday
  • last seven days with abbreviations based on the current day

How can I label the buttons according to the current date minus number of days in the past? How can I create then new things (leaves_collected) based on the activated buttons? How would this workflow look?

I would be very happy to get suggestions how to implement this.

Best regards, Phil


You can calculate days like this-
Current date - Starting Date (collection date):formatted as days.

I am not clear about label, masking etc as screenshot is not in English.

You can create workflow to create new thing. You need to get the values from the elements you have in the frontend dynamically.

The labels would be as followed:

How can I deduct the amount of days from the current date (today) to get to the labels in the past? Regards, Phil

You can format date as days and calculate days.

Where do I do the calculations? Is it in a workflow or how can I create this individual data sets, absed on which button is pressed?