Display Excluding Same User

For example, user A has values {A, B, C, like or dislike} and user B has values {A, B, D, like or dislike}.

On the page, user who has {A, B} on the value is displayed separated with “like” or “dislike” :

But user can have different patterns adding for {A, B}: {A, B| C}, {A, B| D}, {A, B| E}, so maybe it shows as a different user even if the same user selected :
スクリーンショット 2020-12-10 0.30.46

I want to make a logic to regard the same user as the same user even when the same user has those different values like C/D/E, or to exclude same user images.
Users have their own unique IDs.

Any good idea to control it?

I tried using “:unique elements” but it doesn’t work.
And using “:count” (expected (when)“:count 0”, “:count < 2”) it becomes a red text and appears “More…” endlessly.

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