Display extracted text pulled in from URL and apply spacing to text


I’m currently pulling in content from a website, but when I do, it comes through as one large paragraph instead of spaced out.

  • The ingredients field I want them to be separated line by line automatically and automatically do this for every web URL I pull from.

Here is the example

Here is my setup

Would really appreciate some help on this been racking my brain for days!

Is this working now ?

Hi Nigel,

I haven’t figured out a good solution. Any ideas?

Oddly it looked like it worked when I last tried it.

Are there some hidden line breaks coming back in the JSON ? You could find them and convert them with a find/replace.

I did briefly try to pull in each ingredient one by one and put them in separate text boxes but that feasibly would not work as every recipe can have a varied number of ingredients.

Have you got an example as I’m not sure