Display GPX File in Leaflet (--> FileLayer)

Hello Community

I am new in this environment and have tried out and found some things. But I can’t make it happen.

Goal: A user uploads his GPX file in an input form with various other inputs and at the end it saves the inputs and shows the GPX file in a map (leaflet) --> Just like this example: https://www.hikr.org/tour/post136555.html

What I found 2 plugins for leaflet (omnivore&FileLayer): https://leafletjs.com/plugins.html

How can I bring all this together in bubble…
I am very grateful for your answer

Tobias, did you ever find an answer for this? I’m considering speaking to @vini_brito for a solution if you haven’t found one yet.

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No. Thats wy a hired a freelancer to develop a plugin for this

Hi Tobias, is your plugin available in the bubble library? I am trying to solve a similar challenge

Hey Adam, No is not