Display hero image and multiple smaller thumbnails on product page

Total Newbie

I’ve been building my classifieds site over the last month. For someone who hasn’t used bubble before I think it’s going really well. I’ve been following tutorials left right and centre but I am having the hardest time finding help/tutorial on how to do this and it’s a staple for any product page.

Users will use the ‘multiple image uploader’ while creating the Product Listing. If there is one image, it will show up as the hero image (easy enough), but if there are multiple images, they will be displayed on the Product Page with the first uploaded image as the hero, then the remaining images will show up as smaller thumbnails under the hero. Users can then select one of the thumbnails to swap out the hero image and make the hero image into the thumbnail.

If anyone can help me, that would be amazing (Simple, step-by-step instructions would be great as I’m still learning the ropes).