Display images depending on their name

Hello everyone,

Here is my problem, I would like to link in my database images and data.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to add CSV and images at the same time. So my idea is to link data with images depending on their name.

For exemple, I would like to link “Chocolate_receipe_1.png” with the table “Chocolate receipe”.

But here is my problem, I see no way to search into the file manager by the image name.

I see several solutions but each one has issues :

  1. Each image uploaded into the file manager has to be also saved into a table in the database. So it could be possible to search into the database.
    But I didn’t find any way to save images into the file manager and the database at the same time.

  2. Use external storage for my image, so I could search for the right image with the API. I tried Wasabi but the APi is accessible only with a pro account.

  3. Create my own image storage on a VPS with an API to search link of the right image. But this is going to take me some time.

What you think is the best solution ?

Thanks for your help

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