Display images in function of another one ?!

Hi everyone,

I’m working on an app and I would like to display the images in function of another one. Indeed, I have two tables in my DB :

  • Picto_situation
  • Picto_objet1

Each table store images and each image has a specific type.

On the first UI, I want to display every picto_situation images in a reapeating group. Then when I click on one of these image I navigate to the second UI where there is the picto_objet1 images on the second UI. I want to display only the images which has the same type as the picto_situation images. However, I cannot for the moment and I would like to know how I can achieve this kind of task ?

Any help would be much appreciated !



I suggest to
WF on image click. Go to the second ui page. Add a url parameter type= that will be set on the clicked image type
In the second page, do a search objet 1 where type = get url parameter type