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Display information grouped by KEY

Hi, we have developed an app for eletronic medical registering and all patients have an ID.

Now we’re struggling to display the data in statistics because we, everytime, need to group those data by this ID and we arent finding the correct expression/constraint or data structure to create charts and all sorts of display.

Remember that there are multiple repeated information for each ID, because it will always copy the medical records and we have to group all that same data to count as one.

In summary: we have many QUALITATIVE repeated information for every patient. We need to group those to count as one AND group the data referred to each ID (ex: patient ID 123 has meningitis, we need to count the multiple entries of the value MENINGITIS to count as ONE disease and group all entries of ID 123 at the same time).

Please help, thanks!


Logic to track KPIs will be needed. Complementary database objects, UI and … logic depending on how/when/what you want to track.

Think of this as a complementary internal indicators system.